Reaching Exterior Windows

Rappelling down the side of a structure might seem like the work of a superhero or spy, but it’s an everyday occurrence for certain building maintenance crews. Window washing may not sound like the most glamorous occupation, but when lifted or suspended 100 feet above the ground your perception might change. Most cities have safety […]

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Equipment: Window and Glass Cleaning

While cleaning the mirrors in your home may seem akin to what the window washers outside your office perform, commercial glass and window cleaning takes a bit more knowledge, skill, and experience to be performed efficiently. This service also utilizes specific tools and supplies that make the process more effective and easier to perform. Soaps […]

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Window and Glass Cleaning: Commercial Buildings

Window Washing Services

Commercial window cleaning presents challenges for a number of reasons. As a company that prides itself on building maintenance solutions that save time and solve problems for the client, City Wide focuses its efforts on managing a variety of services. One of these services is often overlooked, but can be a game-changer in terms of […]

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